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Text on paper, 2020
Grandma cried a lot for the last ten years. Her kids sold all their properties to strangers. They let their wives humiliate the widow. 
Grandma was alone in her enormous rental house. She cried, waiting for noisy neighbors to pass by her windows. She frequently looked out of her garden path. Her sight got blurry and her moan weakened. 
She just got an electronic eye. Her eye socket became too rusty to hold her teardrops. Which eye was replaced? The right or the left? Ask the grandchildren, they know the answer. 
The new eye is made from lustrous stainless steel. The electrons stream quietly along with her over-diluted blood cycle. If the moaning could be a song, the musical notes must be written by the shiny, silver metal. It will be heavy enough to drip down the sheet music papers.