Sang Chi Liu is a Taiwanese interdisciplinary artist, editor, and curator based in San Francisco. They are a candidate of 2021 MFA and MA at San Francisco Art Institute. They received their BA from National Taiwan University.
I am a performance-based, interdisciplinary artist who subverts contemporary photography by transforming my own body into camera parts. Cameras in contemporary society are a medium, ubiquitous devices used for mass surveillance, truth-revealing, and self-representing. However, ever since the camera was invented, the written history of photography has been intertwined with the Western world and excluded the Asian perspective. My work is driven by my desire to set forth a photographic history inclusive of my cultural background while re-inventing my own body-camera.
My photographic performances often focus on people’s interactions and their social relationships in front of the camera. In my performances, I objectify my alter ego’s body, treating it as a medium activate audience’s reactions. My Alter ego’s body is an extension of the camera, functioning as the shutter, the lens, the tripod, etc. Moving through and interacting with the world, their burdened mechanical body serves the camera while being watched, shown floating on the screen. The alter ego seems hybrid—living in multiple realities, having unnatural body parts. By creating parallels between my body as a medium and the camera as a medium, my practice blurs and questions the boundaries between humans and machines.
— Apr 16, 2020